Dr. Bruce Richardson
Associate Pastor / Theologian in Residence

Dr. Bruce has pastored churches in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Illinois.  He and his wife Sandy have been married for over 40 years and raised 2 children.  He enjoys playing 5-string banjo, guitar, and piano with enthusiasm, as well as reading and researching evangelical theology and history, having taught systematic theology and biblical studies at a Bible college.  

He believes the Bible teaches that maturing in the Christian faith means becoming more like our Lord Jesus in our thinking and beliefs, our feelings and affections, our values and priorities, our wills and decisions, as well as our actions and relationships.  This includes our understanding of the Christian faith theologically, the expressions of our faith in worship and praise to God both privately and publicly, and how we treat other people with respect, integrity, and Christ-like love.  

He holds master's degrees in both theology and church history and Doctor of Ministry degree in pastoral care, specializing in spiritual formation.